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The first academic monographs about silkworm model organisms published in our courtry
Recently, 880000 words academic monographs-"model organisms silkworm" was published, which was cowritten by professor Keping Chen, Qin Yao (Institute of Life Sciences, Jiangsu University), and Chinese famous silkworm expert Junting Huang. Zonghuai Xiang, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, wrote the preface for this book ”°This book will broaden the science research field horizons in Lepidoptera pests prevention, drug safety test, pathogenic microbes toxicology test, human disease simulation experiment and application of new materials, guide related  research, teaching and production management personnels to develop and brighten the traditional silk industry, and promote the development of life science.”±
The book for the first time takes silkworm as the model to explain its physiology, pathology, genetic theory and the latest research results of life science, published by Jiangsu Phoenix Science Press. The academic monographs gained widespread attention and was widely reported by Chinese Science Daily, Chinadaily online, Guangming online, Jiangsu Science and Technology News, Jiangsu China online.
Professor Keping Chen, one of the book''''''''s author, engaged in silkworm genetic resources research more than 30 years, having more than 100 SCI papers published, who has won the second prize of the national scientific and technological progress, the science and technology progress prize of Ministry of Agriculture, the second prize of natural science of Ministry of Education, and many other awards.
According to 2013 statistics: the number of SCI papers published in the field of silkworm and virus, Keping Chen ranked the second in the world.
(Institute of Life Sciences)