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Postdoctor Sun From Yale University of Medicine Visited Our School
On 28 April, Dr. Sun, Chinese-American, postdoctor of Yale University, was invited to give a lecture entitled "Mirror Bisulfite Sequencing (Mirror-Seq): A novel sequencing method for genome-wide profiling of 5-hmC with single-base resolution" for teachers and students of Jiangsu University. The report was held in the third meeting of the conference center of Jiangsu university, chaired by Dean Chen Keping.
Dr. Sun started the lecture with his educational background. Then, he elaborated Mirror Bisulfite Sequencing (Mirror-Seq), specially introduced the genome-wide profiling of 5-hmC with single-base resolution and its trend of applications in epigenetics and clinical diagnosis. After the lecture, the teachers and students communicated with Dr. Sun, and Dr. Sun answered them patiently.
Dr. Sun is a Chinese-American with rich learning and working experiences, and a highly motivated and innovative leader with in-depth product development experience in epigenomics/genomics, biomarker profiling and validation, next-genomic sequencing platforms, multiplex assay. Dr. Sun owns 6 America patents, 2 international PCT authorized patents, and has published more than 20 papers in important periodicals, such as Nature Biotechnology, Genome Biology, Epigenetcs, BMC Genomics. He has got the Award for Excellence in Leadership and Liu Yong-Ling Award of Chinese Academy of Sciences as well.